About us

Dear customers,

Waterjet AG can look back on a company history of 30 years. After I commissioned the first waterjet cutting system together with Renè Affentranger in 1989, we started the operation of Waterjet AG in 1992. Two years later, I included it into the newly founded Waterjet Holding and took over the overall management of Waterjet AG.

Since we have fully concentrated on waterjet cutting, we have been able to continuously strengthen and expand our competence. This includes improvements to existing machines and the development of new machines, cutting systems and concepts. Together with our long-standing employees, we were able to work successfully in an excellent working atmosphere thanks to our know-how and quality.


Sustainability and a long-term approach were a matter of concern to us in every respect. This includes a solid level of self-financing, which makes us particularly resistant to crises, but also environmental issues, on which we work just as continuously as on the continuous improvement of our services in waterjet technology.


Walter Maurer