3D Waterjet cutting

The largest 3D plant in Switzerland
We cut with the largest 3D waterjet cutting system in Switzerland: 6 x 3 x 1.2 m. In addition to this system, we also operate other 3D systems, one of which is equipped with a double head and one with a rotary axis. The cutting heads are integrated in a 3D high portal. Five simultaneously controlled CNC axes enable a perfect three-dimensional cutting process. In the case of complex 3D parts, the beam is stopped with a device specially developed by us.

The portal is designed as X-, Y-, Z- with additional two rotation axes A and B. The rotation axis A (rotation around Z) has a freedom of movement of ±360° and B (rotation around X) a freedom of movement of ±90°.

Application examples from areas in which we cut three-dimensionally are mould making, architecture, machine and apparatus construction, model making, turbine technology or plastics technology.