In-house waterjet cutting and research in the in-house laboratory is: concentration on five research areas

Development of new cutting systems and processes
In the laboratory, we developed our unique AWJmm® (Abrasive Waterjet Micromachining) microjet cutting process, the most precise of its kind in the world. This exclusive technology combines the well-known advantages of waterjet cutting technology with the precision of a YAG laser. The Microwaterjet® cutting system is built by a competent partner and sold under licence.

Material tests
The third core competence of our laboratory is material testing in combination with various cutting systems, abrasives and different pressures. Examples are acoustic panels made of glass. They revolutionise micro-acoustics and were developed together with the University of Applied Sciences.

Process development and prototyping
The fourth and fifth key competencies are individualised process developments for our customers' manufacturing processes and the manufacture of prototypes.