Cutting head systems

Cutting head systems for abrasive waterjet cutting
The cutting heads for waterjet cutting, developed by Micromachining AG, guarantee maximum efficiency and economy for every supplier in the waterjet cutting sector. Micromachining AG is the only manufacturer worldwide to have developed a patented waterjet system with which an abrasive jet diameter of only 0.2mm - and if required even a water jet finer than 0.2mm - can be produced.

Their precision is based on the one hand on the finest waterjet currently available on the market. On the other hand, the patented waterjet system guarantees that the jet remains round even at high pressure and 0.2mm diameter.

The cutting systems prove themselves in daily use with the CNC machining centres BAZ developed by Micromachining AG itself and the AWJmm® (Abrasive Waterjet Micromachining) technology. Long operating times and minimised maintenance times are advantages offered by the cutting heads thanks to durable materials and the innovative design of the individual components.

Due to the mutual proximity of Microwaterjet AG and Waterjet AG in the development of waterjet cutting machines and cutting heads, we guarantee worldwide top-quality performance in the daily use of a wide variety of waterjet applications.