Waterjet Holding

Waterjet Holding AG provides all services in the field of waterjet cutting. Today five different companies belong to Waterjet Group. Waterjet Holding AG itself is part of the group and regulates the financing of the individual subsidiaries.

Waterjet AG:
The company "Maurer und Affentranger, Waterjet", founded in 1989, put its first waterjet cutting system into operation in September of the same year and became Waterjet AG in 1992. By focusing on waterjet technology, we have been able to continuously increase our specialist knowledge and know-how. In addition to the improvement of existing machines, cutting systems and concepts, this includes above all the development of new machines. The construction of the research and development laboratory for waterjet technology and the development of the precision waterjet technology AWJmm® (Abrasive Waterjet Micromachining) were decisive steps in this further development. Today the research and development laboratory is an independent company and a member of Waterjet Group (Microwaterjet AG).

Microwaterjet AG:

Microwaterjet AG was founded in 2009 and specialises in the field of waterjet cutting with micro-waterjets. After Micromachining AG had developed the precision waterjet technology AWJmm® (Abrasive Waterjet Micromachining), its own company was founded: Microwaterjet AG. When Microwaterjet AG and WS Tech from St. Gallen were merged into Waterjet AG, the laboratory of Micromachining AG was given the name Microwaterjet AG.

Abritec AG:
Abritec AG is responsible for the distribution and sale of all types of abrasives, as well as all wear parts for waterjet cutting. It has many years of experience in surface cleaning and treatment and positions itself as a provider of optimum process result service in the field of high-pressure waterjet cutting. This service focuses on process optimisation tailored to individual customers. This includes in particular the consideration that an optimal abrasive material is used for each application.

In addition, Abritec is a specialist for the disposal of cutting materials, technical support and the recycling of abrasives.

Infrajet AG:
Infrajet AG was founded in 2005 and is still responsible for the maintenance of the buildings as well as for the furnishing and administration. In addition, it purchases, sells and leases infrastructure, systems, vehicles and buildings for various material processing methods. Infrajet provides and maintains infrastructure for waterjet technology. It also offers all types of service, maintenance and consulting in the field of waterjet technology.