Software @ Waterjet

MWJT (Micro Water Jet Tool)
Microwaterjet® uses the proprietary AWJmm® (Abrasive Waterjet Micromachining) technology as well as the Microwaterjet Tool (MWJT). The tool covers the high requirements of waterjet cutting and the needs of producers in the best possible way.

Its operation is innovative and simple at the same time, thanks to the clear management system. With the AVOR system, the tool has live monitoring of all processes. Remote management is possible via a smartphone app, which makes the optimised control including live monitoring of the machine even more flexible.

Further advantages are the programme optimisation and the use of a barcode scanner. Since the individual work steps are logged, the entire action process is logged. All in all, this increases production reliability.

Both technologies, the MWJT and the AWJmm® technology, contain 30 years of knowledge and experience in waterjet cutting and waterjet technology. The Microwaterjet tool was developed in close cooperation with experienced practitioners and scientists of the technology departments of universities of applied sciences.