Partners @ Waterjet

The University of Nottingham:
The Department of Mechanical Materials and Manufacturing Engineering is part of the University of Nottingham. It identifies, researches and solves manufacturing problems through specialised, high-quality research and innovative condition monitoring techniques. It develops and supports several interconnected research areas and works closely with partners from the industry.


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MBC Engineering:
mbc engineering GmbH is a software specialist. It develops solutions and offers customer-specific services in software development with a focus on the automation of technical processes in industrial environments.

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MDC Daetwyler:
Daetwyler Industries is a licensee for Microwaterjet products. It builds and distributes (exclusively in Switzerland) machines worldwide on behalf of Waterjet AG. Research and development of the machines are carried out by Micromachining AG (Microwaterjet AG), which owns all patents and continuously develops them further.

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Forum Blech:
Forum Blech offers its members the opportunity to get to know the latest technologies and processes through various events such as symposia and Blech Academy seminars. At the same time, there is the possibility of maintaining and expanding the personal network.

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The Institute for Thermo- and Fluid-Engineering (ITFE) of the University of Applied Sciences FHNW has been cooperating with Waterjet AG for many years. The optimisation of waterjet cutting is at the centre of research. In order for this thermo-neutral cutting principle to be usable for applications in the micro range, precision had to be increased. The Institute for Thermo- and Fluid-Engineering (ITFE) has optimised the water nozzle so that the position of the waterjet can be corrected as a function of various parameters.

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ConformJet is a multidisciplinary European research project of the University of Nottingham. In multidisciplinary European research teams, ConformJet is developing a self-learning control system for 3D waterjet cutting systems for cutting so-called "freeform parts".

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