Machining center

Microwaterjet® and Womajet® are products of Micromachining AG
The company is the inventor and owner of the AWJmm® brand (Abrasive Waterjet Micromachining) and built the prototypes of the Microwaterjet® and Womajet® waterjet cutting machines (CNC machining centres). As the holder of the patents, it continues to develop this CNC machining centre in waterjet cutting.

Micromachining AG is a competence centre for research and development work in the field of waterjet cutting. It develops new cutting processes as well as new cutting systems and CNC machining centres for all companies of the Waterjet Group.

After intensive research and development work to manufacture a precision waterjet cutting machine, the first prototype was put into operation. The newly developed process, the precision waterjet technology AWJmm®, works with a high-precision waterjet that achieves a cutting accuracy of ± 0.01mm and a positioning accuracy of ± 0.002mm.